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Digital Business Consultant

Interim Manager

Digital Transformation Manager

About me
About me

Hello there! I'm a digital enthusiast with a healthy (pending on who you ask) curiosity for technology and innovation. It has grown into a focused career dedicated to harnessing its power strategically.

Beyond the surface of performance marketing, I've dived deep into the heart of digitalization's impact on individuals and businesses. This exploration has revealed opportunities and challenges alike, driving me to lead teams in crafting strategies that drive tangible growth.

My mission is simple: to reshape the narrative of digital transformation, embracing its complexities while channeling its potential for genuine value.

  • Experience: +9 year
  • Field: Business, Digital & Data
  • Freelance: Available
  • Residence: Belgium
  • Phone: +32 479 38 67 11
  • E-mail: anton.de.vis@gmail.com
2022 - Present
Global Customer & Digital Analytics Lead - TVH

Developing the digital & customer analytics capability of TVH together with a team of analysts & dat scientists.

2021 - 2022
Global Digital Marketing Lead - TVH

Together with the digital experts & agencies, we boost TVH's digital sales machine by optimising tactics, automating processes, implementing new technologies and using data in a smart way.

2020 - 2021
Analytical Translator - Colruyt Group

Guide operation units to identify and adopt business strategy through analytics.

  • Identify business opportunities through additional data collection and analytical capabilities
  • Advise & define the data strategy component in the business plan of different brands
  • Translate the data strategy component of strategic plan into an analytical roadmap
  • Shape and define projects to execute roadmap
  • Train teams & provide troubleshooting support during realization of roadmap projects
2019 - 2020
Data & Performance Manager - Colruyt Group

As Data & Performance Manager I coordinated our data-team on:

  • Data-strategy: helping our teams to better understand the impact that data could have on our business and to define a solid strategy, as well as a concrete roadmap (including project deliveries by internal & external parties and data solution support) in order to realize this impact.
  • Performance management: coaching teams & colleagues on the use of data and BI, as well as keeping track of the different team and business KPI’s in order to achieve our targets.
2017 - 2019
Online Acquisition Manager - Colruyt Group

The responsibility of the Online Acquisition Manager at ColliShop (part of Colruyt Group) was to focus on online media strategies and holistic planning approaches across Search, Social, Display, Mobile, Video, Affiliate and Programmatic channels.

2014 - 2017
Digital Performance Consultant - iProspect

My goal was to translate the marketing strategy of a client in to a profitable and performing digital strategy. With the right insights and tools I tried to reach clients goals and provide them with new business & marketing opportunities.

Take The Lead - Vlerick Business School

• Digital Transformation Next
• Organisational resilience
• Personal resilience
• Exploring opportunities
• Exploiting and scaling
• Taking the lead

Programmatic Masterclass - Google

A two-day course that will help you use the power of automation and integration to transform marketing and combine data sources to be relevant on the right moments You will make the best use of (dynamic) creatives , define the right set of KPI’s and establish the right tech infrastructure. In addition you will rethink people, skills and processes, your organisation & partners and, in turn create better, collaborative relationships between all key stakeholders (source: google.com).

Brand Solutions Masterclass - Squared Online

The top 10% of graduates of the Squared Online Program for Digital Marketing Leadership were invited for a 2-day workshop in the Google Offices (New York) organised by Google Digital Academy. The workshop simulated a 'digital first' pitch for a fictive brand and how to prepare for it.

Digital Marketing Leadership - Squared Online

A virtual (modular) course over a 5-month period that I followed together with other Dentsu colleagues from all around the world. Every module touched on specific digital channels and features to develop & expand my digital knowledge and leadership skills. (Squared Online is part of Google)

2012 - 2014
Master of Communication Sciences - KU Leuven

Focusses on the way digital media shape the societal domains of personal identity and wellbeing, culture and community, politics and policies, business and marketing. It prepares its students for successful careers as researchers in academia, jobs in marketing or in digital media companies.

2009 - 2012
Bachelor in Business Management - UCLL

Focus on corporate communication & marketing. Touching on different aspects of business management. From micro & macro economy to digital marketing.

I can help you with

Business Consulting

Share my ideas & vision on strategy and tactical blueprints and building a performing operating model that accelerates companies growth and increases there competitiveness

Intrim Management

Need to temporarily fill a role? Or when starting up a new team. For short & medium assignments, I will gladly take over the day-to-day management of one of your teams

Project Management

Plan, manage and deliver specific projects to achieve your goals on schedule and on budget.

Digital & Data Strategy

From the definition & implementation of a solid strategy directly link to the business objectives, to the translation of this strategic component into a roadmap that will optimise processes and improve customer experience.

Customer Intelligence

When we want to build a deeper connection with your customers, create sustainable profitability and improve strategic decision-making it's important to focus on captivation, contextualisation and activation of your customer information.

Digital Coach

 Coaching of teams, during a digitisation trajectory is key for the overall success. From cultural change to implementation of a performance framework like OKRs, it could al be part of a coaching trajectory.

My Skill Set

  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Strategy & Development
  • Data & Digital Strategy
  • Performance Management
  • Customer Intelligence
  • Team management @ Coaching

Languages Skills

  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German



Working on my own photography business under the brand @theruimtevaarder I mainly focus on nature, event, hospitality & architecture projects.


When I'm not behind my desk I'm probably wandering somewhere in the woods or mountains. Getting my boots dirty & my SD-card full.

Event Management

Twice a year we organise a musical event. During the summer a festival (>9000 visitors) and in the winter a Après-Ski Hut. 


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